Frequently Asked Questions

If you question is not included in the list below, please contact us.

Can I bring toys, blankets or bedding for my pet?
Bringing out a blanket with their scent does typically help them settle in faster. Whilst you can bring your dogs favourite blankets and toys, please be conscious that things can get destroyed whilst the staff are not looking. So please only bring things you can spare if they get lost or broken. We ask that you please leave the toys and anything else that contains bean bag balls at home.
Will you administer medication?
Yes, if your cat or dog requires regular medication, our onsite animal carers can help administer them for no additional charge!
If my cat or dog gets sick/injured will they see a vet?
Yes, if we believe your animal needs to see a vet we will get them to your chosen vet. We will also be in contact with you if this is necessary. If your chosen vet is not on call we may have to use the vet that is on call.
Can I come in with my pet to settle them in?
We understand that you would really love to help settle them into their space, however it disturbs the other guests and makes your pets more anxious as you leave. We ask you please don't put us in an uncomfortable position by asking.
What vaccinations are required?
Dogs - C5 Vaccinations are required and this covers Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper, Parainfluenza and Bordetella. Cats - F3 Vaccinations are required and this covers Feline Enteritis, Rhinotrachelitis and CaliciVirus. Please be aware that even though your dog is vaccinated they can still get the flu as not every strain is covered by the vaccination, however they do reduce the severity of the sickness.
Do the dogs socialise during their stay?
Yes, we create groups of dogs based on their temperament, age and size to allow them to socialise and play.
My dog isn't social, can they still come?
Yes, we are happy to run them in their own yard, so they can still see and play with others, whilst having their own space. If this sounds like something you need, just ask.