Comfortable Cattery

At Greenhill Boarding Kennels, we provide a welcoming and secure environment for your feline friends. Our cattery is designed to ensure your cat feels at home while you are away.

Why Choose Our Cattery:

  • Secure and Comfortable: Our cattery is secure and designed to provide maximum comfort for your cat.
  • Climate-Controlled Environment: We maintain a comfortable climate to ensure your cat stays warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Personalised Care: Each cat receives individual attention and care from our experienced staff.
  • Nutritious Food: We provide Whiskers wet and Royal Canin dry food, catering to your cat’s dietary needs. If your cat requires a special diet, you will need to supply it in sufficient quantities, clearly labelled with instructions.

Ensure your cat enjoys a safe and relaxing stay at Greenhill Boarding Kennels.

Cats can enjoy the privacy of their own suite with more than enough space for them to stretch their legs, we have multi tiered pens for them to jump up, an igloo for them to hide in and of course their kitty litter. 

We also have a non-tiered option for elderly or frail cats that cannot jump. Cats enjoy the natural sunlight in their pen and have multiple opportunities throughout the day to hop out and explore the rooms. 

All cats are required to have a current f3 vaccination (current meaning within the last 12 months and at least 10 days before entry). This covers Feline Enteritis, Rhinotrachelitis and CaliciVirus.

Please be aware that even though your cat is vaccinated they can still get the flu as not every strain is covered by the vaccination, however they do reduce the severity of the sickness. 

Boarding is $15 per day